Universal PC Suites for Android Devices

Sobat abc83, kali ini saya mau share PC Suite yang cocok untuk SEMUA Android Devices. Yes, these pc suites are usable for any types of android devices, whether it is a tablet or phone, or smartphone. Well the first I want to share is Wondershare MobileGO which I used for the first time of having Android phone, and the second one is SnapPea which is now I am using. These two pc suites are easy to use, and useful very much. These pc suites have similar functions:

  • Reading Android device info
  • Installing or uninstalling apps
  • Backup all kind of data
  • Taking snapshot
  • Sending and receiving SMS
  • Reading SD Card contents, adding as well
  • Editing contacts
  • Uploading or downloading images, videos, and musics from devices to PC and vice versa
  • Charging
  • Supporting USB and wireless connection
  • Downloading contents from YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and TED Talks (for SnapPea)
  • Working as Android Manager
  • And many more…

So, what are you waiting of???? Oh yeah, they are working on Windows 😀 don’t worry, Wondershare MobileGo is working for Mac and IOs too 😀 [pake bahasa Inggris biar pengunjung negeara luar bisa bertambah 😀 wkwkwkwkwkw]

Download Wondershare MobileGO [Windows]   [MAC]   [iOS]

Download SnapPea


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